We represent our clients' needs to the industry of financial services giving them access to over 60 of the strongest and highest rated insurance and investment companies. With more than 10 years of experience advising people on wealth preservation, your Sterling advisor provides unbiased solutions in the areas of Retirement, Insurance and Estate Planning.


According to a study by ING Retirement Research Institute, just over half (53%) of mothers have less than $25,000 saved in their employer sponsored life insurance benefit plan.


'Guaranteed Issue' is a term used in health insurance to describe a situation where a policy is offered to any eligible applicant without regard to health status.


"Sterling helped me review my personal and top executive life insurance policies in what was a very smooth process. They asked the right questions and educated me on the different types of solutions. From that, I realized that my current plan didn't match my goals so I made a more dedicated decision this time around. I was very impressed with their close relationship with the carriers, which led to making the approval process easy for me and my staff."

Alejandro Jimenez
President - Dataformas de Costa Rica S.A.
Largest computer, printing and office supply wholesaler in Central America & Caribbean

"Sterling helped me with all my personal insurance policies. I didn't realize there were so many factors to consider in planning my long term insurance position. They guided me through the evaluation process and recommended the right solutions for my current and future growth. I'm very pleased to recommend Sterling to any individual or corporation seeking financial advice. They have always demonstrated great knowledge and ability to help in all of my insurance matters."

Duane T. Rankin
Healthcare IT Executive

"As a multilayered and with much to protect client, my insurance needs were complex, important to me and needed as much customization as my personal and executive life required. With the professional character that I’ve come to expect from those that earn my business, Jaime from Sterling made the process streamlined, easy to understand and gave it a personal touch that is no longer common in the industry. The end result was a list of services and solutions for needs that even a competent professional like myself had not recognized. Thank you Jaime and Sterling for your services."

Hector Morales
Government Relations Consultant and Project Manager